Weight Watchers Back to Basics: Improving Spaces

Weight Watchers Back to Basics: Improving Spaces

Getting Back to Basics is the theme around these parts lately. Which is what prompted the challenge to come into play. Throughout September, I will be focusing on different important Weight Watchers* basics. Every Monday I will post about one of the topics and some challenges you can do to work on.

*note: these basics also work for those not following the WW plan. 

This week we are focusing on the spaces in your life and how to make them better equipped to help you stay on track.

First we will start in the home, where I’m assuming you spend most of your time. And we will start in the most important space to change to get started you set on track….

The kitchen!

The places you store food can either hurt or help you in your journey. If those places are filled with healthy foods, than you are more likely to consume those foods. Just like if they were filled with not so healthy foods. But it isn’t just about food in the kitchen, it’s also doing other simple things to set yourself up for success.

Get rid of or hide trigger foods

Obviously the best option is just to get rid of the foods that can sabotage your journey (for me it’s tortilla chips), but sometimes you live with people who love certain foods and can eat them with no issue. For that, try putting the trigger foods in a different place where you cannot see them. Either on a different shelf than where you keep your plan friendly foods or in a completely different area than that. For me, I put all of the things I don’t want to snack on daily in our kitchen island. Out of sight, out of mind!

Place fruit and other plan friendly foods in a basket/bowl

Now that you’ve gotten those trigger foods out of sight, it’s time to put your stuff in sight. If possible, put your fruit or other plan friendly foods in a pretty basket on your counter. Do this so when you go in the kitchen looking for a snack, it is the first things you see. Then there’s not need to open the cupboards where less friendly foods may be!

Put food scale and measuring cups on the counter

Just like having fruit on your counter, if you have these items out and within sight, you are more likely to use them. In addition to my food scale, I also keep my Weight Watchers calculator on my counter. Now that they are out on the counter, use them!

Mark foods with PointPlus values

This is great to make things easier for you. The first time you figure out the PointsPlus values of a food, write it on the outside with a permanent marker. Then next time you grab that food, you don’t have to go looking for your calculator to figure it out again. Some people in my Weight Watchers meeting actually do this while at the store grocery shopping. Just make sure you’re marking the foods you are actually going to buy.

While the kitchen is one of the most important space to get in order, there are also other things you can do around your home to stay on track!

Create a space to workout at home

If you can make it to the gym to workout, then great! For those who don’t have the time (or money) to make it to the gym, then doing it at home is your other option. If possible, dedicate a room in your house (or the garage like Emily is doing) to all your exercising endeavors. Set up a treadmill, bike, and weights to create a home gym. If a room isn’t possible, then just create a little area where you will be most likely working out. For me it is in our living room, where I have dedicated a couple of spots for my exercising needs. Underneath the entertainment center, I store my hand weights (making sure to put them away so I don’t break a toe…again) and next to the couch I have my yoga mat, foam roller, and resistance bands. You could also just throw all the items in a basket next to the TV. Whatever is going to work for you and get you moving!

Place motivational quotes/pictures around to see daily

Find some word of inspiration or pictures that are going to motivate you on your journey. Place to put them would be on your fridge, bathroom mirror, or even as a computer or phone background. Just somewhere you can see them daily or when you’re having a hard time. There are some great ones out there, especially if you search Pinterest!

Lay out workout clothes the night before

When you have a plan to get up in the morning and workout, it’s great to have those things all ready to go so you’re not fumbling around to find them. If you workout at a gym, then make sure you have your bag packed and ready to go! Taking this small step and being prepared, you’re more likely to follow through with activity.

Just as I assume you spend most of your time at home, I’m also going to assume that you leave the house for work. This space can be challenging too, with sweets in the break room and eating out for lunch.

Store healthy choice in/on your desk

To avoid the temptation of hitting up the break room for donuts or the vending machine for chips, have some healthy choices available right at your desk. Wether it be a granola bar or some hard candies (sugar-free of course!), you’ll be more apt to choose those over the plan wrecking things found in other spaces.

Set up a reminder to get up and move

Sitting at a desk for a long period of time is bad for your body. Make it a habit to get up once an hour and go for a short walk. This will not only help break up the day, but help you earn some activity PointsPlus! Set up an alarm on your phone or a timer on your desk to help you remember to move your butt!

Pack a healthy lunch and snack

This is probably the most simple thing you can do to improve your work space! If you plan out a healthy lunch and bring it, you are less likely to go out and order something that can wreck your hard work. Then take that lunch and eat it outside on a beautiful day. Doesn’t that sound more lovely than going to some fast food joint?

There you have it, ways to change some of the spaces in your life! All pretty simple tasks, but ones that are super important in setting yourself up for success.

This week’s challenge is to take 2-3 of the things listed above and do them!

Take a picture, send a tweet, or post in the Facebook group about the things you do to change your spaces this week! Be sure to tag #wwbtb when you do!

How are you going to improve the spaces in your life?