Water, Water, Everywhere! (My Favorite Water Tracking Apps)

Water, Water, Everywhere! (My Favorite Water Tracking Apps)

Thanks you all for your positive response on the flooding issue at the Not On A Diet household and how I’m controlling my stress eating. Luckily Mr. B and his grandparents did a great job getting a lot of the water out! We ran pumps all night and it seems to be getting better. Thank goodness for that! Oh and instead of eating my feelings, I rocked out an awesome workout that left me looking like this:


Felt awesome!

So, last week on my Facebook page, I asked you guys to ask me some questions and mention things you were struggling with. I got a lot of great responses and plan on tackling them throughout the next few weeks! Today I’m going to tackle a struggle that a lot of you seem to have.

Getting in your water!

I too, have struggled with this in the past and still have days where it is tough to get in my daily intake. It has gotten much easier though due to some very awesome apps I have discovered! Before we get to said awesome phone apps, let’s talk about why water is important and how much you should be consuming daily!

Did you know that our body is made up of 50-75% water? Water is essential in making our body function properly. It also makes your skin look better, your joints move smoother, and can even help shrink your waistline!

water benefits

There is a lot of debate on how much water you should drink. Since I follow the Weight Watchers program, I follow their recommendation of 64oz daily. But, since I am more active, I actually consume about 100oz a day. I found a handy hydration calculator that you can use and find how much you should be drinking a day! (Here) The handy phone apps I have on my iPhone 5 also have calculators and daily recommendations. They both suggest I drink around 100oz daily also. That’s the number I’m comfortable with drinking daily, so that’s what I do.

Of course it is ultimately up to you how much you drink daily. If you are new to drinking water, you may want to shoot for a bit less and then work your way up. When I started my journey, I very rarely drank water and would suffer from HORRIBLE headaches. Now if I am a bit lax on getting in my daily intake, I can start to suffer from one of those headaches. That’s reason enough to keep up on guzzling!

So, how do I make sure I’m getting my daily intake in?

Well, there’s an app for that! ;)

I have two that I have used and one that I use constantly now. One is free and available for Android devices as well as the iPhone. The other is a paid app and is currently only available for the iPhone.


  • Free
  • Available for Android & iPhone

I was introduced to this app by Dani who kept posting about her 100oz Challenge on Instagram. I love this app because it is easy to use and of course because it is FREE! There is also a paid version, but the free one gets the job done.

You enter what you want your daily goal to be in ounces, millilitres, or liters. And an empty glass appears on the main screen. When you drink some high quality H2O, you click “Record Drink” and up pops some options. There are pictures of a water bottle and a glass that you can tap on and the ‘fill’ your glass.

If these two choices do not work for you, you can add your own! You tap the green plus sign and a screen comes up where you can take a picture of your trusty water bottle or glass. Then you add the volume of the container you added. Then that comes up as one of your choices.

You keep on adding your water as you drink it and when you reach your goal it pops up with a window that says Congratulations!

I like this app because of its simplicity and because I like being told that I am successful when I hit a goal. :)

Plant Nanny

  • $.99
  • Available for iPhone only

This is hands down one of the cutest apps to log your water EVER! The basic concept of the app is you are given a plant and you are to water it with your intake and make it grow.

You start off with a dandelion bud to water and grow up to a cute lil guy that looks like this:

plant nanny

Just like Waterlogged, there are several bottle options to choose from. You get to tell it how many ounces are in the bottle you use. Then you choose the one you the most and it stays on the home screen. When you finish a bottle, you just press and hold onto the bottle icon. Each ounce of water gets you closer to a new level of your plant growing to a new level. When you finish all the levels, you move your plant to your garden.

Each day you meet your water goal, you get ‘seeds’ to use towards other plants. This is a fairly new feature and I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. So, I can’t really say much about it. Although they added some cute looking new plants to water.

If you don’t meet your goal, then your plant can die. I haven’t had one die on me, but my cactus last week did come quite close to death!

If that sad little face doesn’t make you want to drink your water, I don’t know what will! It sort of reminds me when I had a Giga Pet (you MUST watch this!) and would care for that cat like it was a real living animal. Hey, if it helps me with my water intake, I’m okay with it!

I do prefer the Plant Nanny app more because it is more interactive. I like that you have a ‘living’ thing to take care of and if you don’t, it dies. And well, that’s just sad! I also like the new feature they added to gaining seeds each day to use towards a fancy plant. It makes it more game like and any time you can turn something healthy into a game, it’s a win!

Let’s chat below!

Do you have trouble getting your water in? 

How do you keep track of your intake?