Porn is like Fast Food for your Libido

The pervasiveness of online porn and its constant accessibility has been blamed for such modern social ills as porn related erectile dysfunction, unrealistic expectations of one’s partner, depraved sexual behavior, and even the downfall of the modern sex life (DailyMail.Co.Uk).

British sex expert and TV personality, Dr. Harry Fisch, has online porn in his sites. His new book, The New Naked, says that watching too much porn causes your sex life to suffer.Online porn is like fast food for your libido according to Fisch:

“Watching porn and masturbating is the sexual equivalent of fast food. It’s instant gratification and it’s fine once in a while when you’re craving some French fries or nachos smothered in that fake orange cheese goop, but for nourishment? Forget about it.”

The trouble is that a lot of guys start watching it occasionally and they get sucked in. But over consumption of porn is bad for one’s psyche and relationship or love life. What many experts aren’t talking about, according to Fisch, is that there is what he calls an Effect on Sexual Performance or ESP. That is, that what turns us on in porn is having an adverse effect on our libidos and performance.

Dr. Fisch believes he can tell when a man is addicted to porn just by how he talks about it. This touching or masturbating while viewing, according to Fisch, is actually what makes it different for a man to maintain an erection while in the bedroom with a sexual partner.

According to Fisch, porn addiction is the foremost issue sex therapists deal with today. What happens is that the porn addict can only orgasm while with certain stimulation, making it more unlikely that he can have one with the special someone in his life. There are addicts who only wish to engage in sex if it is the kind that they like.

They want their particular fantasy fulfilled or not at all. Then there is another issue, called retarded ejaculation in tandem with online porn addiction. This is when he lasts an inordinate amount of time, quite the opposite of those who are too quick. It can feel like it’s taking forever for a female partner. She can become disinterested, sore, and it can even be painful.

To get over porn addiction, try not watching for a few days. Reconnect with your lover. Do some long overdue chores around the house, physical ones where you can’t watch an electronic device. If you want to watch porn with her, have her touch you; don’t do it yourself. Invest more time, energy and joy in foreplay. Take a trip somewhere. If this doesn’t help, seek out a mental health professional or a sex therapist. Make sure it’s someone you can relate to and trust, and perhaps someone who has prior experience working with porn addiction.

Enjoy online porn once in a while, as you would fast food. But don’t make it a constant part of your sexual diet. Instead, why not only use it when your lover isn’t in the mood or see if you can enjoy porn together? If that still not help, take Max Performer supplement for better erection.


5 Effective Lifestyle Changes To Reduce and Manage Higher Levels Of Cholesterol

No doubt, cholesterol is very important for human body which supplies building blocks for hormones, bile acids, vitamin D and cell membranes however; higher amount of cholesterol in blood can lead to heart attack and angina. It becomes really essential for people to manage the level of cholesterol through effective and moderate lifestyle changes that have been discussed below.

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Engage Yourself In Physical Activities

Exercises and other physical activities in daily life can really help in reducing the amount of cholesterol. It has often been seen that doctors recommend different type of exercise to compete against the increased level of cholesterol in human body which must be effectively followed up. Just take out 30 minutes daily from your lifestyle and dedicate this time up for the exercise which raises levels of HDL and reduces the levels of LDL cholesterol.

Diet Control – Changes Suggested In Food Contents And Habits

Approximately every disease in the human body is greatly linked to the food stuffs and diet chain we are enrolled into, which must be changed after checkups and medical screening, if it has found higher levels of cholesterol. If you are suffering from any type of heart disease, you should always try to limit the food contents which supply your body with trans-fats, saturated fats, cholesterol more than 200 mg/day and any kind of junk food which seems to be risky.Obese and overweight people are likely to develop more levels of cholesterol and thus; they are at high risks of getting cardiovascular diseases. If you are an overweight person, you should try to lose some extra pounds by burning more calories. Exercise, following the weight loss program and many other physical activities can help you in reducing the excess of weight and trimming the waistline to normal level.

Say No To Alcohol – If Not, Limit Its Consumption

Although recent studies support that alcohol taken moderation can raise the HDL levels but it is not suitable for you to become regular customer of wine shop!

Stop Smoking

If you are a chain smoker then you are very much risky towards the development of various cardiovascular diseases. Heart attack and failure will grab you if you have still not decided to quit smoking.