Back to Basics (a challenge)

Back to Basics (a challenge)

Summer is always a crazy time and it is super easy to get out of the routine we are so accustomed to the rest of the year. Kids are out of school, family vacations, and a cookout every time you turn around. All things to throw a wrench into your beloved routine.

I’m sure each and every one of you has experienced this once or a hundred times this year. So, to get us back into a routine, I figured a challenge focusing on just the basics would be great for us all. My girl, Emily helped me come up with the challenge since she’s struggling getting back at it, as am I who is trying to get back to goal!

The challenge will be more Weight Watchers centered in talking about the basics that are essential to the program. But with that being said, this is also GREAT for those who are not following the Weight Watchers program because all the things I will be focusing on will be great for you guys to work on too! So, don’t be turned off by the Weight Watcher factor!

The things we’ll be working on are tracking, getting in our good health guidelines, exercising, and cleaning up some spaces in our life to make this journey more easy!

The challenge will run the entire month of September. Each week (on Mondays) I will be focusing on one of the topics more in detail as to why it’s essential, how to be better at accomplishing them, and with a mini challenge for you to do. By the end of September, I’m hoping that each of us will be back into a routine and feeling more in control.

And maybe we will have shed a few pounds in the process!

There’s a facebook group for us all to chat about the challenge and anything we’re struggling with. I love having support when I’m struggling and to also cheer me along when I’m doing great.

If you’re a Twitter or Instagram user, then feel free to use the hashtag #wwbtb to accompany any posts about the challenge. This will also be a great way to connect with others throughout the month on those social media sites.

There’s also a nifty button for you to share on your sidebar if you’re a blogger! Also, feel free to post about the challenge on your blog to get others involved! The more the merrier!

To be a part of the challenge is really simple, all you have to do is leave a comment saying you want in, then head on over to the Facebook group and join! (It’s a closed group, so I will have to approve your request)

Oh, there will also be a fun WW goodie prize to one lucky participant. It’ll be for anyone who actively participates in the challenge throughout the month. Yay prizes!

Are you ready to get back to basics?

If so, this week I want you to think of a goal for yourself to accomplish this coming month and a reward for when you hit that goal.

Remember to make the goal attainable. None of that ‘I will lose 15 pounds this month!’ rubbish. A more realistic goal would be to lose 5 pounds or to be able to run a mile. Or maybe you want to track for the entire month. Whatever the goal is, make it be something you know you can accomplish.

As for the reward, make it whatever you want it to be. Just not food, because darn it, you’re not a dog! Maybe a new workout top or some new fingernail polish. Rewards are fun!

My goal for the month is to lower my body fat percentage at least 2%. Right now it is at 25% and have complete confidence I can lower it to 23% before the month is done. My reward for hitting my goal will be a $25 iTunes gift card. I am in need of some new music!

Go join the Facebook group and tell me about your goal and reward! Then get ready to get back to basics and back on track!