5 Mindful Ways To Substitute Bad Carbs In The Diet

5 Mindful Ways To Substitute Bad Carbs In The Diet

Some carbs are bad for the health and some are good. Our body needs carbohydrates for energy production, nutrition, satisfying hunger and lose weight at the right places too come perdere peso. The best way to incorporate the good carbs in the diet is to go natural and avoid artificial and processed foods. Junk food has empty calories and zero nutritional value and carries the risk of high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes and heart ailments.

Let Us See The Various Complex Carbohydrates That Can Replace The Bad Carbs In Our Meals-Use

Oatmeal, High Fiber Grains Instead Of White Flour

Oatmeal and whole grains are high in nutritional value and contains lots of fiber with zero calories. White flour, on the other hand, contains calories and is a highly processed carb which is difficult to digest and ends up adding extra fat in the body. Replace the white bread with whole grain or oatmeal bread and add oatmeal or other fiber grains to your pancakes instead of the white flour to get the better carbs into your system.

Eat More Of Green Leafy Vegetables Instead Of Noodles Or Macaroni

Noodles or macaroni are highly processed foods and take a while to digest. Though their white flour content can be replaced with the whole grain ones, but the best way is to abstain from them for weight loss. Eat sauteed and steamed leafy greens like spinach, kale, broccoli, beans sprouts, tomatoes, and peppers that provide ample nutrition, give energy and fiber and be easily digested. They keep the body healthy as they keep the insulin in check and cholesterol levels are better in people who use less of processed foods in their diet.

Fresh Fruits, Nuts, Fresh Juices For Sugars, Artificial Juices, Chips, And Cookies

Chips, cakes pastries and cookies are junk food which do fill up the stomach and give the body instant energy but are loaded with calories. Canned juices and soda should be replaced by water and fresh juices as they are laced with too much or extra salt and sugar and add up too many calories to the system. Eat fresh fruits and nuts as they contain fiber and complex carbs that are good for the heart, keep cholesterol in check and avoid the sugar levels from going out of control.

Processed And Packaged Cereals Should Be Replaced With Whole Grain Cereals And Fruits

Pack in awesome tasting fruits like strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, and bananas into your breakfast and eat a whole grain porridge. Whole grain cereals are nutritious and energy packed and keep us active throughout the day and do not contain artificial flavors like that of packaged cereals and corn flakes. Go for fresh corn cobs and munch nuts like walnuts, almonds, and pine nuts for a slimmer and healthier body.

Replace The Potato With Colored Vegetables

Potatoes are high on carbs and replace them in sauteed veggies, soups, and curries with fibrous vegetables like cauliflower and squash. These are low in calories and great for the body. Go in for baked zucchini, carrot, or beetroot chips instead of the french fries.